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wolfieris's Journal

22 February
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Are you ever going to pick
your sharp and shattered pieces
off that floor which you
so enjoy crawling on?
Will you spare me the necessity
of having to perform for you
the empty act of
silhouetting sympathy?
Black in its nature, the
only reason I would ever
display such a meaningful
delectation to you
is when I’m good and sure
that you’ll stay around
for another fun round
of harsh words and
leather belt lashings
with a whip consisting
of only the most delectable,
searing, sour words and
falsely promised
phrases extracted
from the very tip of my
freezer-burned heart.
Clinging to my every move,
I do not understand why you
can’t see the putrid hatred
that is reflected in the black pits
of my dilated pupils.
Don’t you see into the ever
clearing future and find that
you will have that icicle that
I keep in the back of my freezer
through your heart by the time
You discover
there is no longer
you and me